S. B. J. Co.,Ltd. was established on November 9, 2536 (1993) by Khun Somyos Phungsuk from the beginning of the market studied industrial tires are used as ingredients in fabric production in order to accommodate. Or thousands of rolls with a piece of tire, called "LINER" Companies that manufacture tires must be purchased from abroad the cost is quite high and take the a long time to purchase. Especially problematic in the production of rubber Which, if produced within the country itself have a positive impact on the tire manufacturers.

Accordingly, the Company has been studied and information, including research "LINER" properties of fabrics that are suitable. The properties of rubber And rubber formula that each company. We are accepted among customers, tire / motorcycle / mountain bike tires.

The first, we has ordered weaving shuttle (shuttle loom) from Japan, 10 machines, along with equipment used to prepare yarn for 1 series, and has expanded rapidly in current shuttle loom, all 45 machines, with the width of the cloth variety of sizes to suitable for customer needs.

Which is produced from LINER 3 "(76 m / m) to 67 "(1,700 m / m) the length of 150 m from LINER to 700 m (without boundaries).

The experience from industrial tire business. We improve the quality dynamically. And has invented a fabric that is used with various diverse industries such as

- Speaker manufacturers.
- Belt manufacturers.
- Hose manufacturers, Rubber roller.
- Manufacturers who use special equipment electrical such as belt for climbing the electric poles.
- Manufacturers of automotive brake air pot, disc diaphragm in the boiler gas car.
- Football manufacturers.